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Current location: Bochum / Germany

50 countries, 1226 days, trip mileage: 124200 km

13 Jul 2011

Canada - Beautiful British Columbia

"Beautiful British Columbia" is what is written on every vehicle license plate, here in Canada's most Western province. And it is indeed incredibly beautiful – if it isn't raining :)

At first, the weather was very good – but after leaving Vancouver Island, I had quite a few days of solid rain. Today (12th of July), it's the first REAL sunny day with blue sky & after a short break in Dease Lake I'll now make my way up into the Yukon Territory.

Two days ago, I had my first encounters with black bears, who were playing & feeding next to the road – 5 bears within 200km of riding. I haven't got any pictures yet, but I'm sure it won't be the last bears I've seen & will try to keep the camera ready for a few pictures.

Anyway – Here's the first photographs from Canada: British Columbia, Chiliwack to Dease Lake: