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20 Mar 2011

Peru (Jul-Sep 2010)

I finally found the time to do the photo-blog update for Peru. Sorry it took such a long time – but I've been rather busy with some organizational things & also had quite a lot of work on. (Yes, WORK.... since I did NOT win the lottery prior to this trip I have to do some work from time to time :(
Anyway... Not a great friend of words these days, here's Peru in a 'nutshell':)
Absolutely stunning mountain roads with lots of twisties (the best riding I had on the entire trip so far), lots of Llamas besides the road. A tyring but rewarding 2-day hike down and up the Colca Canyon (twice as deep as the Grand Canyon). Lots of "Inka" and ruins of course (Machu Picchu being the most well-known one). A re-encounter with some old round-the-world traveller friends (Holger & Anja) who I had last been riding with in Asia about 1 year ago. A stomach-testing 1-hour-flight above the 'Nazca Lines'. And very unfortunately, the worst accident I had on this trip so far – in the middle of the world's second-highest mountain range (the Cordillera Blanca): broken-off mainframe bolts & rear shock top bolt, but thankfully also a really great hospitality from Charlie at the Llanganuco Mountain Lodge where I could stay until my leg was healed enough to continue the trip.
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