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22 Mar 2011

Ecuador & Galapagos Islands (Oct-Nov 2010)

Another quick photo-blog update, still trying to catch up with everything: Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.
I had been looking forward to the Galapagos Islands for quite a long time now – and it was indeed absolutely gorgeous. Some information for other travellers reading this blog: I managed to get a real good last-minute price for a 7-day boat cruise. There's a lot of detailed information on other traveller's blogs already, on how to do the islands "on the cheap", so just a brief summary here from my side:
Flight to Galapagos: US$380 (special promotion from TAME airlines, booked in the TAME office in Quito. Entrance fee to National Park: $100. I stayed on the islands for 4 nights, trying to get a last minute deal. There's plenty of offers, but only a few go to the "good" islands (Española and Genovesa, with the best bird-life). I finally found one with the "Guantanamera" boat, 7 days, US$840. Staying in Puerto Ayora (whilst looking for a local last-minute deal) is about $10-15 per day for accomodation, and $3 for a standard lunch. The local supermarket has all necessities for self-catering but prices are about double to mainland Ecuador.
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