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21 Feb 2008

Dental Care

I had some tooth-ache anyway, so went for a dentist check-up today. Good news is: despite a bad accident 2 years ago (3x broken jaw), my teeth are fine & healthy. X-rays look good, no corrosion & only 2 fillings (which I've already had for over 15 years now anyway). I'll have another appointment with the tooth hygienist just before I leave, and that should be it for the next year or so. If there's space in the panniers & medical kit, I might consider taking a dental emergency kit with me... just in case.

I also discovered that my electric tooth brush is in fact running on a single AA battery. It'll need unsoldering but then I can charge it with a standard AA charger. (Yes, I know there are travellers who cut off a normal toothbrush's handle to save space... but believe me: it's a whole different thing when you've had a broken jaw).