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2 Jun 2010

Celebrating 2 Years On The Road

I've recently had my "2 Years On The Road" jubilee, so went through images from the past 2 years. A lot of things have changed since 2008, and travelling for such a long time certainly moved energies and the general 'travel-mood'. I often think back to friends & family I left behind. And in recent months, whenever I went to see a so-called 'tourist highlight', I sometimes felt a bit 'over-saturated' and was missing the "WOW!" experience.
Bolivia – Yours, Truly Muddy.... (April 2010) Brisbane, Australia (Sep 2009) Laos – Massage in Vientian (March 2009) Australia (June 2009) Indonesia (April 2009) Leaving our friends in Tehran Tajikistan – Khorog Paraguay – Hartmut and his BMW R69 (March 2010) So it was good therapy for myself to look at some of my old images, which brought back some memories of people, places, food and other things. I've rearranged the images into new Photo-Albums & Slideshows. Here's the Collection. And the individual slideshows: With regards to my current wherabouts: I've been stuck in Sucre / Bolivia for a while, due to problems with the thermostat and waterpump gears on the motorbike. I went for a test-ride yesterday & it all seems to good to go again.
So with a 3-week delay I'll be heading out to the Salar de Uyuni – the world's biggest salt-desert in nearly 4000m altitude. Although it's gotten pretty cold there over the past few weeks, I'll give it a go with camping as I really would like to see the sunset / sunrise in this magnificent landscape.
Images to follow soon I hope ;)