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25 Oct 2009


143_Australia (15th Sep 2009)

Australia... A vast continent with an abundance of beautiful National Parks, and beautifully remote outback tracks (resulting in another broken shock absorber). Saltwater crocodiles, tent-eating ants, pasta-scavenging wallabies, windy riding-days, kangaroo-crocodile pizza and emu pie, ten-people towns and a pedal-powered washing-machine. Gorgeous beaches. Freezing outback-nights, followed by a perfect climate on the Sunshine Coast & a lovely welcome in Brisbane.

After city-hopping in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne (+ some more National Parks), I sent the motorbike on its way to Buenos Aires. Initially this trip should have finished in Australia, but there's still a few bucks left in the travel budget. And in times of global recession I don't think I'd find a job back home anyway, so I might as well keep travelling for a bit longer.

Thanks very much to everyone who's spontaneously put me up for a few nights during my 4 months in Australia – be it friends, people I met en-route, or via couchsurfing! (Particularly Tex, Jenny & crew for introducing me to the local biker's culture, a great week-end and helping me with the head bearings!)

See my FlickR photo-blog (with image captions) for more details: Australia Photo-Gallery

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