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15 Apr 2009

Malaysia & Singapore

06_Old colonial houses, Penang(Apr09)

One year into this trip, I've come to realize on a number of occasions that I spend too much time on the photographs, and not enough time on keeping this diary/blog section up to date. To allow for more regular updates in the future, and to make things a bit easier for myself, I'm going to change a few things:

All photos I post on FlickR are in chronological order and most of them have a little write-up underneath them anyway. Hence I feel there's no need to double up on the writing: Have a look at my Malaysia Photo Set on FlickR. If you prefer a more convenient way of viewing the images: here's the same in slideshow format.

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A very special thank you for Malaysia and Singapore go to Matt, who kindly took me out for an evening of good food and beverages. And to Sunny and his son Jin Sheng at Sunny Motorcycles in Kuala Lumpur for helping me with the 'big bike service'! Much appreciated, guys :)

Here's a few samples from the Malaysia collection:

01_Our first downpour in Malaysia(Apr09) 02_Tuned Fiat 500 in Georetown(Apr09) 03_Man reading newspaper, Penang(Apr09) 04_Dim sum restaurant in Penang(Apr09) 05_Dishwashing behind a dim sum restaurant(Apr09) 06_Old colonial houses, Penang(Apr09) 07_Chinatown in Penang(Apr09) 08_Chinatown in Penang(Apr09) 10_Polishing the motorcycle boots(Apr09) 11_Time for a big motorbike service in Kuala Lumpur(Apr09) 12_Sam after cleaning his Ducati(Apr09) 13_Jin Sheng modifying a Ducati Monster(Apr09) 14_Sam - a local biker from Kuala Lumpur(Apr09) 15_Matt and I in Singapore(Apr09) 16_Matt and David(Apr09) 17_Singapore - colonial house & skyscrapers(Apr09) 19_Wahsing Lines, Singapore(Apr09) 20_Singapore skyscrapers(Apr09) 21_Singapore's National Flower(Apr09) 22_Building site on Sentosa Island(Apr09) 23_Chinatown in Singapore(Apr09) 24_The Merlion, Singapore(Apr09) 25_Buidling site, Singapore(Apr09) 26_Singapore skyline(Apr09) 30_Malaysian Flag(Apr09) 31_KLCC, Kuala Lumpur(Apr09) 32_Sunny and I after the big bike service (Apr 09) 33_Jin Sheng working on his old Ducati(Apr09) 34_Sunset in the Cameron Highlands(Apr09) 35_Cameron Highlands(Apr09) 39_Young Tea leaf, Cameron Highlands(Apr09) 41_Assessing the tea quality, Boh Tea Factory, Cameron Highlands(Apr09)