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23 Feb 2009

Thailand (+ Photo Gallery)

01_Traffic in Bangkok (Dec 2008)

I’ve been on the road for about 8 months now. Time for a break, stay in one place for a while, spend some time with my parents and swap my motorcycle for the diving-gear.
Thailand is just the right place for all that: With its well-developed tourist infrastructure, Thailand is easy to travel for my parents; there’s some really fantastic dive-sites; and I didn’t need to break the bank in order to find myself some reasonably-priced long-term accommodation.

The day after I got to Bangkok, I went back to the airport to get my bike out of cargo and through customs – an endeavour that lasted 7 hours followed by a 2-hour ride back to the guesthouse. Central Bangkok during rush-hour (and in hot weather) is not much fun, but at least the cars, tuk-tuks and busses were laning, had a working headlight and were using their indicators… something I hadn’t witnessed ever since I left Turkey.

07_Going diving (Dec 2008)

Over Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I spent a good 4 weeks with my parents in & around Phuket and Phi Phi Island. And this family get-together over Christmas was really nice – after all, I still don’t know how much more time I’d spend on this journey and when I would see them again.

29_In a local bike-shop near Ao Chalong (Jan 2009)

The 4 weeks passed by very quickly. On the relaxing side of things there were quite a few days at the beach, good food, cheap massages, some fun-dives followed by an advanced diving course & another few dives on a liveaboard in the Similan Islands. Plus a few good evenings & beers with Guido & Esther – an overlanding/motorcycling couple who’re on their way back to Switzerland. The less relaxing part & things that kept me entertained: recovery of a broken hard-drive (yes, the one with ALL my photos on it!), re-organizing & backing up photographs (for my parents to take back home), finishing my online tax-return (I’d like to meet the brainiac who programmed that part of the HMRC’s website), servicing the bike (my parents had brought some spare parts from Germany with them) and a Thai Visa-run to Malaysia.

I better explain the reason for this Thai Visa run: The initial plan was to continue into Malaysia, but a brief look at the weather charts for Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia made me change my travel route: in order to avoid the rainy season south of Thailand, I decided it’d be better to take a 5-7 week loop through Laos and Cambodia before getting ‘back on track’ into Malaysia and Indonesia around April. To cut a long story short: my ‘Allowance To Stay’ for Thailand was about to expire, and I had to leave the country (bike included) and get a new visa.

10_BMW overlanders meeting in Penang- Clement, Helen, Sheen and I (Jan 2009)

A 10-12h ride took me from Phuket to Malaysia, where I bumped into Sheen, Clement and Helen, a few fellow motorcyclist who’re also doing a world-trip. On the way back to Phuket, Sheen and I teamed up for a few days through the South-East of Thailand, before we went our own ways: Sheen into Northern Thailand, me back to my parents on Phuket. Once my parents had left Phuket, I headed up towards Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai), with short stop-overs in Khao Lak, Ranong and Kanchananburi. In Chiang Mai, I met Holger & Anja – another motorcycling couple on their world-trip, again on BMW F650s: from hear-say and personal acquaintances, in January 2009 there were at least 17 bikers passing through Thailand on their world trip, 9 of them on a F650 Dakar).

Checking valve clearances

With a local BMW dealer nearby, Chiang Mai was the ideal place to do some more bike maintenance – although I got to say I’m not impressed with BMW Thailand: once I’d checked the valve clearances, I found out they don’t even have valve shims in stock. Big BMW Dealership, marble floor, large window shop-front, big bikes inside… but a standard(!) service-part the size of a coin – not available anywhere in Thailand. “45 working days from Germany”. I’m speechless. To cut a long story short: thanks to updated clearance specifications, the valves turned out to be just OK. So the last thing to do on the bike was: once again, new subframe-bolts. This time I had them enlarged & re-threaded, plus the right-hand pannier mount needed some welding done. All for a bargain-price of €10 at Joe’s Bike Team in Chiang Mai – highly recommended.

Holger, Anja and I spent quite some time together in Chiang Mai and ended up leaving for Laos on the same day (albeit on a different route). A scenic route past the Golden Triangle took me to Chiang Khong, where the three of us met up again to take the ferry over the Mekong into Laos.

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