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29 Oct 2008

Pakistan ( + Photo Gallery)

Our route through Pakistan took us from Khunjerab Pass down the gorgeous Karakorum Highway to Islamabad. Because of our delays with getting through China, we went down the Karakorum Highway a few weeks later than expected. But as it turned out, early October was just perfect for us: clear skies, moderate temperatures and colourful tree-foliage during the autumn season.

Whilst up in Pakistan’s mountain regions, Len and I split up to go our own ways, and I took a side-trip with 2 other motorcyclists into the Deosai Plains high-altitude plateau: a rewarding side-trip, but unfortunately I had my first major off and injured my right leg (nothing broken, but a fairly swollen foot & knee).

In Islamabad, I took a bit of a rest whilst I was waiting for the Indian visa: camping in Islamabad was cheap as chips, and I had time to get my broken laptop screen fixed, wait for my leg to heal, do some route-planning for India and ‘pakistanify’ the bike with some colourful stickers (still not quite as colourful as the Pakistani trucks).

I followed the Great Trunk Road down to Pakistan’s “cultural capital” Lahore and from there crossed into India. As always, pictures say more than words: For photographs, which include comments & descriptions for a more detailed report, have a look at my Pakistan Album on FlickR.

The full-screen slideshow version can be found here. To view comments during the slideshow, click 'Show Info' in the top right).

Here are some samples from the album:

02_The first puncture on this trip, on the way to Sost(Sep2008) 12_Leaving Skardu for the Deosai Plains (Oct 2008) 22_One of several turned-over trucks. Apparently the brakes failed.(Oct2008) 36_Side panel on one of the trucks (Oct 2008) 43_All the panels are hand-made (Oct 2008) 45_My recently 'pakistanified' bike (Oct 2008) 46_Faisal Mosque, Islamabad (Oct 2008) 47_One of the guards on Islamabad's Tourist Campsite (Oct 2008)