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6 Jun 2008

Cluster Bombs

On a conference in Dublin last week, more than 100 countries agreed to ban the use of cluster bombs. It's a step in the right direction, but unfortunately some of the biggest producers of cluster bombs & main military powers (the US, China, Russia and Israel) didn't take part in the negotiations/treaty.
A US spokesman even said that the US "don't believe they are indiscriminate weapons."
I'm sorry, but: Did I miss something? Ever seen the effects of cluster bombs on civilians, still happening many years after a war?

Hopefully the results from Dublin will stigmatize the use of cluster bombs & put more pressure onto the non-participating countries over time.

As mentioned in the 'Charity' section on this website, I am raising money for Handicap International. HI runs worldwide programmes, helping disabled people and campaigning for a complete ban of cluster bombs.
You can donate money to them through a secure webserver here. 100% of your donation goes straight to Handicap International. At the end of my journey, there'll be a raffle where you can win large format prints from one of the pictures from my journey and as a special price: a signed copy from Sam Manicom's new book "Under Asian Skies".