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13 May 2008

Chain Oiler (Loobman)

Loobman Chain Oiler

Finding the right place for the Loobman Chain Oiler took a little while. In the end I decided to put it next to the rear brake cylinder, where it doesn't get into the way & it's easy to reach without getting off the bike. The Loobman works with gravity: I usually run the bike for a few miles, then squeeze the bottle to fill up the feeder system & continue riding. In this respect, it's pretty fool-proof and never starts to give out too much or too little oil.

Somewhere I read that Automatic Transmition Fluid (ATF) for cars is good for greasing the chain so I'll give it a try for a while. After that, it'll probably be engine oil, or olive oil. (Which is one of the reasons why I prefer the Loobman system to the Scott-Oilers).

F650 GS Dakar - Engine Oil

Because the Loobman uses cable ties to deliver the oil onto the sprocket: If you're thinking about getting the one of these, make sure you take some spare cable ties with you to replace the old ones when they're worn out. (Thanks to my mate Pete for the advice ;)

As for the engine oil: I just tied a bottle of 10W40 to the pannier frame (bungee strap and a ball bungee).