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Current location: Bochum / Germany

50 countries, 1226 days, trip mileage: 124200 km

10 Apr 2008

Kyrgyzstan Visa

Got the Kyrgyzstan Visa back today. I had applied for an express service at their Berlin embassy, and express it was: 4 working days (not counting the time to mail it back & forth). Krygyzstan and Tajikistan were the easiest visas: no letter of invitation, 2 1/2 weeks processing time for both of them, and no time limit on entering the country. Visa's left to do now are: Iran, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and India.

The Letter of Invitation (LOI) for Iran will arrive before the 17th of April. (I can highly recommend David from for sorting this out). After that the passport has to be at the Iranian embassy for 3 (express) or up to 10 working days.