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Current location: Bochum / Germany

50 countries, 1226 days, trip mileage: 124200 km

11 Sep 2007

Overland Solutions Panniers

Tonight I finally got my panniers back from Overland Solutions. To get the fitted bike back took a bit longer than expected, but I guess that's part of the "handmade built to order" thing. (There was actually a very long queue with the local powder-coaters they use).

Ernie from Overland Solutions really did a fantastic job, and everthing fits snuggly. It's a bit heavy and the bike's very different to ride now – but it really is a bullet proof pannier system, which I know is waterproof, safe and won't cause any headaches on the way.

(BTW: Thanks Ernie for helping locate the 'clonking' kind of noise that came from the drive chain!)